Walter Reed

Walter Reed, 48, is a film maker and designer who has been volunteering with LJAG for several years. He first became involved when he was asked to make a film documentary about We are Loughborough Junction (link) – a photographic project featuring people from Loughborough Junction. The idea for the 7 Bridges project started to come to him while he was doing this. “I wanted to do something to improve Loughborough Junction and the bridges are such an obvious feature of the area it made sense to focus on these,” Walter said.  “Cambria Bridge seemed the easiest one to start with as there is no traffic going underneath it. I met Anthea (Masey, the current co-Chair), she liked the idea and so I joined up with LJAG on the project. This has made it easier for us to secure funding.”

As well as being the ideas-man behind the 7 Bridges project, Walter is also interested in improving Southwell Road and is looking at ways to make it greener – perhaps putting in a small park at the end where the traffic stops, including a safe place for children to play and a kitchen garden.

“As an artist I believe that art can transform. LJAG has an ability to make changes and I like to make things happen. I love living in Loughborough Junction, it’s got a great creative community and is full of hidden gems. If I had to choose my favourite thing about Loughborough Junction, it would either have to be the Whirled Cinema on Hardess Street or Arch 269, near Shakespeare Road.

Walter’s dream is to see Loughborough Junction become a place that people are proud to come from.