Coming up in March: Carers Voices & a free five week course to brighten your day!


Five week course to brighten your day!

Morley College is running a free five week course for carers. Held weekly on Tuesdays  at 1.00 – 3.30pm from 19th March to Tuesday 16th April 2019. The course will include:

Felt Making

·         Designing and making your own pieces from scratch using merino wool tops and water.  People could create their own amulets with positive affirmations, plus small bags for tablets or mobile phones.

Colour Therapy and Harmonious Flowers

·         A basic introduction to Colour & Mood using different examples of coloured flowers and how to input this into daily lives for well-being support.

Breathing Techniques & Gentle Exercise

·         Breathing and gentle exercise is used to open and close each session. Very gentle and accessible to all.

Places are limited – so booking is essential. Email or call 020 7501 8970 to book your place. 

The course is open to carers registered with Carers’ Hub Lambeth and is free of charge. However, the course cannot be offered to carers who attended the course at Morley College on ‘Reducing anxiety – yoga and meditation’ in November and December 2018.