Explore the journey of six self made Black Britons on 30th October


This Black History month we will look at the importance of being self made as a Black Briton and how it reflects within Pan- African/ Marcus Garvey principles.

Bouncer PlayDirty – Music Manger for Play dirty records- a Black owned music label in the UK founded by Krept and Konan. He manages the likes of Rapper Digdat, Likkleman, as well as creating great brand development and exposure. Bouncer has recently released a documentary called ‘The Come Up’ that explores how he became the person he is today, it touches on his time in prison and how he turned it around to become a leading figure in the UK music scene. The documentary was created to inspire young people from disadvantaged backgrounds that the possibilities are endless, the documentary has been a huge success reaching 91k views in 3 days.

Thalia Maragh – Barrister at Garden Court Chambers specialising in Criminal Defence, Human Rights, Inquests and Public Inquiries. She has a multifaceted practice that involves her having a busy case load in the UK and in the Caribbean. She is currently working on the Grenfell case and has been involved in the Hillsbourgh disaster. She has a commitment to ensuring justice is upheld for all.

Viv Ahmun – Founder of Blaksox . Blaksox is engaged in a concerted effort to unlock the human capital currently under-utilised in deprived Black communities across the UK; this includes working with statutory bodies to commission services from people within Black communities who are better placed to meet their community’s needs. Viv also started and grew two multi-million pound companies, helping people and businesses flourish while supporting community change. His passion also includes sponsoring and providing leadership coaching for the next generation of leaders.

Mandisa Knights – a Barrister in Furnival Chambers. She has developed a strong criminal practice primarily defending on a broad range of matters including violence, drugs, possession of weapons, public disorder and sexual offences. Mandisa was appointed to the CPS panel of advocates at grade 1 in 2015.

Lee Jasper – chair of the London Race and Criminal Justice Consortium and a former policing director for London and a member of the Sarah Reed Justice Campaign. Lee Jasper served as Senior Policy Advisor on Equalities to the then Mayor of London Ken Livingstone until he resigned on 4 March 2008. He was responsible for the development, enactment and promotion of equalities policies for the GLA and its functional bodies.

The entirety of the money raised from ticket sales will be going towards funding the Rooted Project which is focused on providing FREE lessons on African and Caribbean history during the summer.

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