Open Call – A Breath of Air at the Sharp Gallery

‘A Breath of Air’

‘A Breath of Air’ is our next open call. We are excited to be teaming up with ‘Connect and Do’ to put on a group show around the theme of ‘Air’

Air brings the possibility of life. The most crucial part of our existence often doesn’t carry much thought in our day to day experience.

How are we looking after our life and our air?

What is invisible and material and how do we describe it?

How is air, a concept we project the presence of spirit and soul?

How does it move?

What sounds does it carry?

Would you like to explore the answers in a visual way thorough art? Do you already have ideas in mind on how you can describe or challenge these ideas through visual language?

If the theme captivates you but you are unsure how to progress, get in touch and we can organize some guidance.  Email us at

The deadline for bringing works to SHARP gallery is 10th August.

Maximum 3 works per artist, (no larger than 1m sq)

We look forward to seeing you responses 🙂